Customer Service Skills
Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Skills
Course Summary
The Customer Service Skills learning program covers the five pillars of customer service: safety, standards, service, drinks presentation and great experiences.
Course Description
Publicans, bartenders, restaurateurs, waiters and waitresses and anyone working or wanting to work in licensed premises, restaurants or cafes.

Customer Service (Customer Service Skills - Course 1)
There are five pillars of customer service: safety, standards, service, drinks presentation and great experiences. These pillars help us to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. This course identifies the importance of customer service, what skills and knowledge you need to deliver it and what the standards of excellent customer service are.

GoalsTo identify the skills and knowledge needed to deliver great customer service and to identify the standards of excellent customer service.

Communication Skills (Customer Service Skills - Course 2)
The ability to communicate is critical when providing excellent customer service. This course identifies the different forms of communication and the factors that affect communication and provides examples of both excellent and poor communication. You will look at what constitutes a good message and how important it is to clarify the understanding of a message, and you will examine different types of questions that can be used in order to ensure your message is understood. Excellent customer service requires a professional approach when dealing with customer queries, and different forms of complaints and procedures for doing this are explained in detail.

To communicate effectively and employ the correct procedures when dealing with customer complaints and queries.

Bar Equipment (Customer Service Skills - Course 3)
Keeping your bar equipment in pristine condition is essential to making your bar inviting for customers at all times. This course explains how to keep the bar area in perfect working order outlining the main knowledge and skills required on the technical side of customer service in the bar. The course covers key points such as back of bar and front of bar presentation. You will learn about operating, cleaning and maintaining the main types of bar equipment, from hand pumps and font attachments to ice machines and fridges. The course also explains in detail when to use different types of glass and how to clean, handle and store them properly. The course then describes how to put all of your product knowledge into practice during the bar shift and how to ensure that the customer visit is the best it can be. Finally, the course concludes with a rundown of the tasks which need to be performed to ensure smooth running of the bar from before opening to after closing time.

To recognise how to maintain and use bar equipment.

Bar Service (Customer Service Skills - Course 4)
It is important to have a comprehensive knowledge of the beers and drinks that you sell as it will show the customer that you are interested in what they are buying and that you are proud of the range of products that you serve. You should not only have a comprehensive knowledge of the beers and drinks that you sell but also how to serve them and even what meals they accompany. Finally, you should be able to handle payments at the bar quickly and efficiently.

To identify the different types of drinks that you will serve, how you will serve them and how to handle payments

Food Service (Customer Service Skills - Course 5)
The importance of maintaining a well-kept dining area cannot be underestimated. It is important to meet your customers' expectations if you want them to return. There are a number of ways that you can enhance your customers' dining experience. A comprehensive knowledge of the food and drinks that you sell will enable you to show your customers that you are interested in what they are buying. Introducing an efficient food ordering procedure and adopting the correct service style when serving meals to your customers will enhance the overall dining experience. This course examines the different parts of the dining area and explains how to prepare the dining area for your guests; the importance of product knowledge is also discussed. Procedures for taking a customer's food order and the correct procedure for serving customers their meals are also covered in detail.

To give customers an agreeable dining experience by providing a well-organised and presented dining room, by having excellent product knowledge and exceptional food ordering, presentation and delivery procedures in place.
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